miércoles, 10 de diciembre de 2014

To the Castle: World #3

Hi there!

We're working hard to finish all the level design for our beloved project...

- Soon my friend... soon -

Yesterday we just started the design for the levels that belong to the last "chapter" of the game...

The game has 3 worlds with 20 levels each. This is a grand total of 60 levels full of enemies, traps and treasures!

...like this one (wicked!):

- Ladies and gentlemen... World 3 - Lvl 1 -

We're planning a couple of updates after the premier release in order to increase the number of levels, however, for starters, we will release the game with these 3 worlds + 60 levels "only" (same way as our previous project: Jetguy).

Once we finish the level design for all the levels in the game (and it's QA and testing of course...) we will jump to the "assembling & polishing" stage we're we will start integrating the sound, music and some other effects... 

Soon we will write a post soon regarding this topic (audio and music) with some awesome game tracks and fx created by our crazy "audio-guy" :)

And that's all for today folks...
...remember: be happy and stay tunned!

jueves, 4 de diciembre de 2014

Facebook_login() ... again!

Hi there!

We're still working hard to release some of our new projects soon, however with the latest editor update there are some changes that may delay a bit some of our releases...

This time the update has broken some of our Facebook Connection Setup. I think this is the 3rd time we create a solid facebook setup that is subsequently broken with the next GM:S update (yep, kind of annoying...)

We understand perfectly that these updates are done in order to improve the software (and they're great usually) but from time to time they pop-up some changes (...or even -ehem- new bugs...) that forces us to replan certain procedures. Just like this time with the facebook connection... anyway, let's face it.

This time it seems like it's not so complicated as some other times.
Yoyo decided to change a bit the way that GM:S is connectiong to Facebook on iOS platforms:

- We're moving form a single parameter function... -

- ...to a two parameter function -

Mainly we should adapt the facebook login function to accept a new parameter referring iOS (those Apple guys tend to mess the things from time to time too...). So, at the end, nothing new under the sun.

So, be sure that we will be testing this soon to see how it "moves along" with facebook.

Beside this, there are some other "fixes" that are changing some of our code but luckily those were more expected than this one and we had it already under control. Like the one about the audio_play_music(index, loop); function

We should recognise that iOS and facebook start to behaving in a really picky way lately .

And, well... at the end we (poor developers) are paying  for it...

- Yeah, this is our "new update available" face from time to time -

Anyway, beside this issue we're keep advancing our stuff on our side. We hope we will be able to show you something new quite soon.

and remember...
be happy and stay tuned!!


martes, 18 de noviembre de 2014

To The Castle: Moving forward!

Hi guys!

Today we're bringing you some news about one of our incoming projects...

- Yeah! here we go! -

The art (sprites, tiles, animations, UI...) is almost finished, and we're now creating and testing the game levels.
We're doing this task with good rythm and we completed more than 33% of the game levels already! So, soon you will be able to se some videos with gameplay and other cool stuff.

For the moment, we can show us here some samples of few preliminar levels we're testing recently:

- Dangerous paths full of traps... -

- Misterious treasures... - 

- ...and more crazy stuff there! - 

They look great isn't it? Anyway, you can be sure that we will keep you posted about all the news regarding this...

BTW, you can read more news about this game just clicking here

And remember...
be happy and stay tuned! ;)

domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2014

Project: Smash'em

Hi guys!

Today we're bringing you SMASH 'EM, a new project we have on our hands:

- SMASH'EM an addictive "tap frenzy" minigame -

The project is one of our "micro-games", like our beloved Tiny Diamond or our very first iOS game Digitapper.

In this Game your mission is mainly SMASH all the colored creatures before they cross the screen... but carefull, some of them are not "smasheable"!!

- Can you identify the non-smasheable guy here? :P -

The game is almost ready and probably we will be able to publish it quite soon (in a month or so), but don't worry, we will keep you in track about this :)

and remember...
be happy and stay tuned!

sábado, 1 de noviembre de 2014

Update: JETGUY

Hi again guys!

Past week we released a new update for our little flying fella JETGUY.

- Did you notice that there is a reference to Dark Souls there? -

We gathered some of your feedback about the game and finally we released this update adding some new functionalities (like the pause button) and fixed some minor bugs.


The game is actually performing quite well on the stores and we're really happy with all the comments and feedback you are sending to us (awesome guys, we love that!).
As you know, our "leit motif" is: "any suggestion is more than welcome!"

If you haven't played JETGUY yet, don't hesitate to download it from any of the 3 top markets:

- iOS:

- Android:

- Windows 8:

...or even from our website:

...and remember:
Stay tuned!

jueves, 30 de octubre de 2014

Project: To The Castle

Hi guys!

We're proud to introduce you one of the projects that we have currently on our hands.
Ladies and gentlemen...

- a mighty adventure of chivalry and ghosts -

The game it's being developed for iOS, Android and Windows 8 and more or less under fully alpha stage:
The engine is done and working, the design is solid and well stablished and the game mechanics and inputs are working well too. sweet! :)

- it looks promising, isn't it? - 

Currently we're working creating and polishing some new levels for the 3 worlds of the game. Each world has up to 20 stages so this is a total of 60 levels (for the version 1.0). Just in the same way we did with our game JETGUY that actually is working quite well :D

- level 4 ready to go! -

Meanwhile our artist is creating some new sprite and background content for these worlds like this one for the world 2:

- who is living there?... soon you will discover it ;) -

Hope you like it, soon we will post some more news about it.
And remember... Stay tuned!

By the way, you can download JETGUY for free here:
- iOS
- Android
- Windows 8 

martes, 28 de octubre de 2014

3, 2, 1, ... TAKE OFF!!!

Hi guys, Dodozen here!

We're just starting a new journey with our new development blog.

New projects, ideas, sketches, concepts... We would like to share with you all some exclusive and fabulous content that we're sure you will love.

We will post some fresh news soon.

Stay tuned!