jueves, 30 de octubre de 2014

Project: To The Castle

Hi guys!

We're proud to introduce you one of the projects that we have currently on our hands.
Ladies and gentlemen...

- a mighty adventure of chivalry and ghosts -

The game it's being developed for iOS, Android and Windows 8 and more or less under fully alpha stage:
The engine is done and working, the design is solid and well stablished and the game mechanics and inputs are working well too. sweet! :)

- it looks promising, isn't it? - 

Currently we're working creating and polishing some new levels for the 3 worlds of the game. Each world has up to 20 stages so this is a total of 60 levels (for the version 1.0). Just in the same way we did with our game JETGUY that actually is working quite well :D

- level 4 ready to go! -

Meanwhile our artist is creating some new sprite and background content for these worlds like this one for the world 2:

- who is living there?... soon you will discover it ;) -

Hope you like it, soon we will post some more news about it.
And remember... Stay tuned!

By the way, you can download JETGUY for free here:
- iOS
- Android
- Windows 8 

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