domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2014

Project: Smash'em

Hi guys!

Today we're bringing you SMASH 'EM, a new project we have on our hands:

- SMASH'EM an addictive "tap frenzy" minigame -

The project is one of our "micro-games", like our beloved Tiny Diamond or our very first iOS game Digitapper.

In this Game your mission is mainly SMASH all the colored creatures before they cross the screen... but carefull, some of them are not "smasheable"!!

- Can you identify the non-smasheable guy here? :P -

The game is almost ready and probably we will be able to publish it quite soon (in a month or so), but don't worry, we will keep you in track about this :)

and remember...
be happy and stay tuned!

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