sábado, 1 de noviembre de 2014

Update: JETGUY

Hi again guys!

Past week we released a new update for our little flying fella JETGUY.

- Did you notice that there is a reference to Dark Souls there? -

We gathered some of your feedback about the game and finally we released this update adding some new functionalities (like the pause button) and fixed some minor bugs.


The game is actually performing quite well on the stores and we're really happy with all the comments and feedback you are sending to us (awesome guys, we love that!).
As you know, our "leit motif" is: "any suggestion is more than welcome!"

If you haven't played JETGUY yet, don't hesitate to download it from any of the 3 top markets:

- iOS:

- Android:

- Windows 8:

...or even from our website:

...and remember:
Stay tuned!

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