miércoles, 10 de diciembre de 2014

To the Castle: World #3

Hi there!

We're working hard to finish all the level design for our beloved project...

- Soon my friend... soon -

Yesterday we just started the design for the levels that belong to the last "chapter" of the game...

The game has 3 worlds with 20 levels each. This is a grand total of 60 levels full of enemies, traps and treasures!

...like this one (wicked!):

- Ladies and gentlemen... World 3 - Lvl 1 -

We're planning a couple of updates after the premier release in order to increase the number of levels, however, for starters, we will release the game with these 3 worlds + 60 levels "only" (same way as our previous project: Jetguy).

Once we finish the level design for all the levels in the game (and it's QA and testing of course...) we will jump to the "assembling & polishing" stage we're we will start integrating the sound, music and some other effects... 

Soon we will write a post soon regarding this topic (audio and music) with some awesome game tracks and fx created by our crazy "audio-guy" :)

And that's all for today folks...
...remember: be happy and stay tunned!

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