jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2015

At top 50 at slideDB!!!

Hi guys!

This time we need your help...

App of the Year Awards 

VOTE for us and help us to be the app-game of the year!

We're here today to give you exciting news!
TO THE CASTLE has been selected among the best 50 apps in order to become the app fo the year at slideDB!

- We're getting there! -

We're super-excited about this. We need a final effort on this scond round battling for the very first three main positions...

- Help us to become the app of the year! -

BTW, you can vote TO THE CASTLE here too.

... and remember: be happy and stay tuned!

martes, 17 de noviembre de 2015

PAD support... harder that expected

Adding PAD support in order to control you game (mainly your character) is not a big deal usually.

You may need to put some thougts about the control buttons and check if they are confortable (or not) for the player. But at the end, that's not such a big deal: Let's use this button to jump, that button to shoot, this stick to move, and so on... easy, isn't it?

well... not so much really.

- You should plan it before implement it -

Did you think about the GUI?
Did you think about the menu navigation?

- The PAD for the editor was something thought... -

If you didi it.... well, really good for you! but in our case, and specially working with a game that was initially planned for handheld  devices and not for PC this was really a challenge.

At the end, after struggling for a good while with different options in order to solve this we applied our "keep it simle and lets maximize the results" solution.

In fact after, reviewing the solution for a couple of times, I think it was a great thing we find a work-around like that for our game :P (yeah, we know, and we saved a lot of time and headaches...)

- The PAD navigating the menues... -

So, for that reason we created a small article at indieDB exposing the main core of the solution, because we thought it could be usefull for other developers that meybe are in the same situation as we were.


BTW, you can find the artic here.

sábado, 17 de octubre de 2015

To The Castle (Android BETA)

Hi there!

Today we bring you exciting news ...again!!.
Our game project is moving fast and we have a new released open BETA. This time... available for Android devices too!!

- Finally... it's here! -

Beside this we added PAD support for the PC version, both for XBOX and PLAYSTATION controls. 
- The gameplay changes a bit... but still incredibly fun -

We ported the controls because we're actually handling the idea of releasing the game for PC too using Steam Greenlight
- ...sounds good :) -

...but this is something that we're still debating because it may require some further adjustments on the game.

Anyway, as soon as we decide something you'll be the first guys to know ;)
And remember... stay tuned and have fun!

BTW, the links to the BETAs just there:
* Android beta v1.2: link
* PC beta v1.2: link

sábado, 26 de septiembre de 2015

To the Castle (playable beta)

Hi guys!

Today we bring you exciting news...

- Breaking news! -

We just uploaded a playable version of our game online!!
A BETA version of To the Castle is available for all of you here!.

- New GUI system -

- Tutorial & arcade level selector -

- One of the levels from the world one -

- Online levels/dungeons and complete level editor -


Even if the original game will be released for iOS (and possibly android too) we created a Pc version so you can try the game confortably directly from your computer.

For PC the controls are quite simple: you control the main character using the cursor keys:
- Press RIGHT key to JUMP
- Press LEFT key to ATTACK

Bugs and knowing issues:

The PC BETA is fully playable on adventure/arcade mode however there are few options that are off for the moment.

  • Online afeatures are disabled on the PC version for now.
  • The editor is usable but for the moment you can't share the levels with the rest of users.
  • The Fx + soundtrack will be enabled soon too.
  • All the IAPs and freemium mechanics are disabled (the rewards still there :P )

Feedback and bug reporting:

For further feedback or if you want to report a bug don't hesitate to send us an email to:

And that's all for today folks...
...remember: be happy and stay tunned!

jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2015

To the Castle (beta footage)

Hi there!

Today we're bringing you the very first gameplay footage from our beloved project:
To the Castle!

The game still on beta but we're moving stead over our scheduled plan and we stimate we will be able to release the game before the end of this year!

Anyway, here you have it:

- hope you like it! :) -


sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2015

Levels, levels levels!!!

Hi there,

Since some weeks ago we're sorting and arranging the game levels in order to enhance the player experience at his most.

Here you have some examples of the new levels:

- World 1  levels XX (aka learning what you can do)- 

- World 2  levels XX (aka navigation become complex)- 

- World 3  levels XX (aka the evil made flesh/level :P )- 

So, far we have (almost) all the levels complete, but after playing them A LOT of times we noticed that perhaps the difficulty is too high in some of them...
Well, after all this is kind of normal when you played a level 100 times... at the end you know absolutely all the tricks and tips to beat it so intinctively you increase the level difficulty in orde to make it more fun for YOU. The problem is, what is cool and entertaining for you as a level-designer it could be extremely frustrating and hard for someone who just started with the game...

Few days ago "boing boing" published this awesome article titled: "How to make great levels in Nintendo's Mario Maker". Well, we're really satisfied to see that we're almost totally aligned with all the tips and advices from all those veteran level designers. however there s always stuff to learn :)

If you want to be a level designer... we really recommend you to take a look to it.

See you soon guys!

jueves, 27 de agosto de 2015

We're back

Hi there!

After some time without activity we're finally back!

- yeah! - 

Our most recent project: To The Castle is almost ready and noe we're moving the development to the final stage that involves all the backend and online services.

According to our macro-planning the game should be ready to be released just before christmas holidays in its version v1.0.

We will be looking forward for your feedback ;)

stay tuned!

domingo, 1 de marzo de 2015

NEW: 1000 Quiz - Tv Shows

Hi guys!

We're proud to present our new release:

- The third one on the 1000 quiz saga :) -

This time 1000 quiz brings you your favourite Tv Show Caracters from all time: The walking dead, Breaking bad, The knight rider, Game of thrones, Heroes, 24, ...

- Up to 5 different levels with more than 500 different characters! -

You can choose between three kinds of game-modes: 
  • 5 quiz round (aka the easy mode)
  • 10 quiz round (medium difficulty)
  • 15 quiz round (hard mode)

- easy, medium and hard mode -

You can commit up to three mistakes per round, and each  game mode gives you a different amount of score (stars) that you can use to unlock other packs and quizs.

The game itself it's quite simple yet its has been proven as an incredibly addictive and fun saga according to our fans :D.

Hope you enjoy this new release!

You can download it for FREE here:

and remember...
be happy and stay tuned !!


Leonard Nimoy

Past Friday was a sad day... at his 83 Leonard Nimoy better known as Mr. spock passed away...
This Sci-fi series pioneer was: Actor, director, musician, artist and official from the Enterprise starship (beat that!)

In memorabilia Dodozen salutes you. 
Rest in peace.

- Farewell ...Long life and prosperity -

For those that never saw his musician facet, here comes one of his best hits called "Bilbo Baggins":

- He definitively rocks! -

sábado, 14 de febrero de 2015

To the Castle: Level editor

Hi guys,

Today we're bringing you a small post with great news!

- Here we go! -

The level editor of our project is almost ready and we will be releasing it with it! Indeed, To The Castle will be come with a small, intuitive and super fun level editor to make your game-designer fantasies come true :)

With this tiny level editor you will be able to build incredible levels and share them with your friends, yes, that's it!

- Looks sweet, uh? -

The submitted levels will be played by the game owners, voted and rewarded with several gifts like coins and achievements.

The level editor has been created thinking about phones and tables as main surface for the "editing", so we tried to make the things as easy and intuitive as we could.

- you're most eveil fantasies... become true -

Currently we're working on the server-side of this small add-on. We hope soon it will deployable inside the game, and after that... To the Castle will be finally released!!!

cheers, and remember be happy, and stay tuned!