sábado, 14 de febrero de 2015

To the Castle: Level editor

Hi guys,

Today we're bringing you a small post with great news!

- Here we go! -

The level editor of our project is almost ready and we will be releasing it with it! Indeed, To The Castle will be come with a small, intuitive and super fun level editor to make your game-designer fantasies come true :)

With this tiny level editor you will be able to build incredible levels and share them with your friends, yes, that's it!

- Looks sweet, uh? -

The submitted levels will be played by the game owners, voted and rewarded with several gifts like coins and achievements.

The level editor has been created thinking about phones and tables as main surface for the "editing", so we tried to make the things as easy and intuitive as we could.

- you're most eveil fantasies... become true -

Currently we're working on the server-side of this small add-on. We hope soon it will deployable inside the game, and after that... To the Castle will be finally released!!!

cheers, and remember be happy, and stay tuned!

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