domingo, 1 de marzo de 2015

NEW: 1000 Quiz - Tv Shows

Hi guys!

We're proud to present our new release:

- The third one on the 1000 quiz saga :) -

This time 1000 quiz brings you your favourite Tv Show Caracters from all time: The walking dead, Breaking bad, The knight rider, Game of thrones, Heroes, 24, ...

- Up to 5 different levels with more than 500 different characters! -

You can choose between three kinds of game-modes: 
  • 5 quiz round (aka the easy mode)
  • 10 quiz round (medium difficulty)
  • 15 quiz round (hard mode)

- easy, medium and hard mode -

You can commit up to three mistakes per round, and each  game mode gives you a different amount of score (stars) that you can use to unlock other packs and quizs.

The game itself it's quite simple yet its has been proven as an incredibly addictive and fun saga according to our fans :D.

Hope you enjoy this new release!

You can download it for FREE here:

and remember...
be happy and stay tuned !!


Leonard Nimoy

Past Friday was a sad day... at his 83 Leonard Nimoy better known as Mr. spock passed away...
This Sci-fi series pioneer was: Actor, director, musician, artist and official from the Enterprise starship (beat that!)

In memorabilia Dodozen salutes you. 
Rest in peace.

- Farewell ...Long life and prosperity -

For those that never saw his musician facet, here comes one of his best hits called "Bilbo Baggins":

- He definitively rocks! -