sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2015

Levels, levels levels!!!

Hi there,

Since some weeks ago we're sorting and arranging the game levels in order to enhance the player experience at his most.

Here you have some examples of the new levels:

- World 1  levels XX (aka learning what you can do)- 

- World 2  levels XX (aka navigation become complex)- 

- World 3  levels XX (aka the evil made flesh/level :P )- 

So, far we have (almost) all the levels complete, but after playing them A LOT of times we noticed that perhaps the difficulty is too high in some of them...
Well, after all this is kind of normal when you played a level 100 times... at the end you know absolutely all the tricks and tips to beat it so intinctively you increase the level difficulty in orde to make it more fun for YOU. The problem is, what is cool and entertaining for you as a level-designer it could be extremely frustrating and hard for someone who just started with the game...

Few days ago "boing boing" published this awesome article titled: "How to make great levels in Nintendo's Mario Maker". Well, we're really satisfied to see that we're almost totally aligned with all the tips and advices from all those veteran level designers. however there s always stuff to learn :)

If you want to be a level designer... we really recommend you to take a look to it.

See you soon guys!

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