martes, 17 de noviembre de 2015

PAD support... harder that expected

Adding PAD support in order to control you game (mainly your character) is not a big deal usually.

You may need to put some thougts about the control buttons and check if they are confortable (or not) for the player. But at the end, that's not such a big deal: Let's use this button to jump, that button to shoot, this stick to move, and so on... easy, isn't it?

well... not so much really.

- You should plan it before implement it -

Did you think about the GUI?
Did you think about the menu navigation?

- The PAD for the editor was something thought... -

If you didi it.... well, really good for you! but in our case, and specially working with a game that was initially planned for handheld  devices and not for PC this was really a challenge.

At the end, after struggling for a good while with different options in order to solve this we applied our "keep it simle and lets maximize the results" solution.

In fact after, reviewing the solution for a couple of times, I think it was a great thing we find a work-around like that for our game :P (yeah, we know, and we saved a lot of time and headaches...)

- The PAD navigating the menues... -

So, for that reason we created a small article at indieDB exposing the main core of the solution, because we thought it could be usefull for other developers that meybe are in the same situation as we were.


BTW, you can find the artic here.