jueves, 10 de marzo de 2016

3,2,1 ... soft-launch!!

Hi there,

Today we're bringing you awesome news! Specially if you're one of the lucky inhabitants from Canada or Australia because...

We just soft-launched To The Castle on Canada and Australia for iOS and Android (this is on the google play store and the itunes app store)

- Sunglasses?... hell yeah! -

For the moment we're releasing the game just on this two countries in order to test it and receive user feedback in order to polish and adjust (even more) our game.

So far is going quite well and we're really happy with the recent downloads results. Anyway, we really encourage our users to test in depth all the awesome features they can find in the final version of the game like: the 60 levels of the single player campaign, the online rewards, the score ratings, the shop, the level editor, the online levels, etc...

You know... all the feedback is more than welcome and as we always say: don't hesitate to contact with us for any question or sugestion you can give us.

BTW, you can find the game here:

With this new launch we released a new and awesome video we would like to share with you all... the To The Castle release trailer!!!

Here it goes:

- We're in love with it! -

For this video we had the collaboration of two friends: Odewill and Alex M.

Odewill: the artist that create the final cover...

- An outstanding work from Odewill -

Alex Martinez is the musician that composed the track for the trailer and who actually inspired the vibe of a lot of the tracks you can hear in the game sketching the tracks for a previous (and on-hold by the moment) project. Thumbs up for you guys!!!

- Cheers! (now with an oscar) -

Aaaand this is more or less all for now folks. Hope to see you soon with some fresh and cool news. BTW, you can be sure that we will inform you as soon as we plan a date for the grand...


Soon friends... it will be soon ;)

and remember... stay tuned and be happy !!
chao :D

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