lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016

To The Castle - Worldwide release !!!

Hi Guys, great news everyone!

The wait is over! We are excited to let you know that To The Castle is finally available worldwide!

- Our beloved project is finally online! -
As you know, we created our game using a cross-platform engine. This gave us some "by default" benefits like being able to deploy our betas and demos on more than one platform at same time.

Today, we're super happy to announce that we released our game on both platforms at same time (Android & iOs). You can get it NOW in your favorite store:

For the moment the game is performing well (taking in account that we didn't start the marketing campaign yet)

To celebrate the release we prepared a couple of videos showing some of the game main features features:

- The official release trailer -

- A level editor case study -

Beside this we created a simple (but effective) landing page where we're storing the data of our press kit ad other "marketing groceries". You can visit the landing page here.

...aaaaand that's all for today folks!
Stay tuned and be happy! :D

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